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Patton & Associates Consult in the Design, Test, Regulatory Certification and Approval of Telecommunications Terminal Equipment World-Wide. 

FCC Privatizes Standards-Setting and Certification Process for Terminal Equipment

On January 24, 2001, the Federal Register published FCC Report & Order FCC 00-400, CC Docket 99-216. This Order allows two options to demonstrate compliance with telephone network protection criteria, either by the use of the Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB) program or a Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDOC).

"Regulatory Authorities for 182 Countries in PDF Format"
revised list of worldwide regulatory agencies has been segmented into the following geographical regions. (Last Updated in 2001)

The German Definitive Tele-Facsimile Test Standard (DTS)
How can I verify that my Facsimile Machine will Interwork properly with other Facsimile products Worldwide? Is the German "Definitive Tele-Facsimile Test Standard" (DTS) a valid test suite?

Industry Canada CS-03 Update
Industry Canada has released
new "Self Marking",  "Declaration of Conformity", and ,  Requirements", and Issue 9 of Compliance Specification CS-03. 


Telecommunications Standards Come In Three Flavors. Regulatory Standards, Industry Standards, and Proprietary Standards.

  • What are the differences between the three types? 

  •  What role does each type play in product design, development and test? 

  •  How are they applied? 

Find out More with our new self-guided On Line Training Course. There will be quizzes throughout the course, so stay sharp!

Forthcoming “Green” European Union Directives
There are a number of environmentally friendly European Union initiatives looming on the horizon, all designed to help create a greener climate for all.

Regulatory Compliance Folders
What is a Regulatory Compliance Folder? Do I really need one, and which countries accept this new form of Self Declaration? Can I create the Compliance Folder on Paper or CD ROM?

Continuing Compliance Management
With the advent of the European Unions R & TTE Directive, and the subsequent easing of telecommunications regulatory regulations, Maintenance of Compliance has now become a leading issue for Telecommunications Manufacturers.

Quality - The Key to Complying with the R&TTE Directive
Manufacturers are becoming concerned about compliance with the EU's  R&TTE Directive. Some see the R&TTE Directive as an impediment to meeting both profit margins and product quality. This article demonstrates that these objectives need not be mutually exclusive.


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